Announcement – March, 13th, 2020

The Universidade Portucalense (UPT) has been following with full attention, and since the first days, the evolution of this serious public health problem associated with COVID-19, having until now guided its action for the timely adoption of preventive measures, following scrupulously the recommendations of our health authorities and our political authorities, with decisions balanced between the priority defence of the health of all who work here and the effort to maintain activity.

It was in this line of conduct that we kept open classes until the last 11th of March, as there were no indications to the contrary, adopting simultaneously restrictive circulation and mobility measures, as well as various measures associated with other aspects, of which  hygiene stands out.

On March 11, in view of the inoperative position of the National Council for Public Health, adopted that same day, with the clarification of this serious problem to be pushed to the meeting of the Council of Ministers the following day, the UPT decided to suspend all face-to-face teaching activities with effect from 12 to 15 March, a decision that was cumulative with others in force, awaiting some government directive that could be emanated from this Council meeting.

On March 12, the Council of Ministers approved a set of extraordinary measures aimed at this fight, of which the suspension of all classroom and non-classroom activities in all Schools, of all levels, valid for higher education until April 9.

In these terms, and cumulatively with the decisions previously taken, the UPT approves the following:

  1. Extend the suspension of all face-to-face classroom activities, including assessment moments, academic tests and meetings with students, until April 13, 2020.
  2. Maintain the aforementioned activities through alternative non-classroom teaching processes and means, thus continuing to provide training to our students.
  3. The situation regarding the evolution of the crisis will be permanently monitored, which may lead to a change in these measures, particularly as a result of reassessments that may be made by the competent governmental entities.

UPT counts on the dedication and support of all its teaching and non-teaching collaborators to, in articulation with the students, win this difficult battle, transforming the threat into an opportunity to evolve in our training mission for those who come to us.

Porto, March 13, 2020

The Board of Directors / Rectory

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