Plan to return to UPT

(Updated in September 2021)

Introductory note

Taking into account the guidelines issued by the General Directorate of Higher Education for teaching and non-teaching activities in Higher Education Institutions for the academic year 2020/2021, as well as the recommendation of the Minister of CTES, issued on 08/04/2020 , it follows that the resumption of classroom teaching activities at the UPT must ensure strict compliance with the recommendations of these authorities, with regard to sanitary and hygiene, always guaranteeing the conditions of social distance, hand and surface hygiene and also foresee measures of control of COVID-19 to be considered, now, in all common living spaces at UPT.

This plan recalls some of the basic rules and redefines the routes within the UPT, in order to minimize contacts between users.

This update maintains the obligation of a strict length, by all users, of this UPT Resumption Plan, avoiding behaviors that may put their own health and that of others at risk.

General contagion prevention measures

Social distancing

Cares to be taken regarding social distance:
Social distancing measures are measures to be taken to reduce social interaction between people, in order to avoid transmission of the disease by COVID-19. The success of preventive measures depends essentially on the collaboration of all. In order to break the chains of transmission and protect the community, it is crucial to adopt and comply with measures of social distance.

Basic hygiene measures

General Organization:

  • The use of a mask at the UPT by students, teachers, non-teachers, researchers, other employees, visitors, suppliers and service providers is mandatory, in accordance with current legislation. If applicable, it is recommended to reuse the mask properly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, in sanitary and environmental terms.
  • Hand hygiene at the entrance and exit of common rooms and spaces, with alcohol-based antiseptic solution (SABA), must always be taken care of.
  • All spaces will be sanitized in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the DGS, with the existence of cleaning materials and products for the proper disinfection and cleaning of buildings.
  • Accessible information is available, namely through the posting of posters, on the correct washing and hygiene of hands, physical distance, use of a mask by all people in closed spaces (placed properly and permanently whose placement and removal comply with the directive on that functionality), among others.
  • Entry and exit circuits are defined in the facilities, in order to minimize the concentration and gathering of people.
  • Frequent air renewal in all enclosed spaces is privileged, in conjunction with the applicable DGS rules and guidelines. Mechanical air ventilation (HVAC system – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) can also be used. In these cases, adequate cleaning and maintenance are guaranteed, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and the air is renewed from closed spaces, by frequent aeration and / or by the mechanical ventilation systems themselves (when this functionality is available).
  • Sanitary facilities with water, liquid soap with a dosing device and single-use paper towels are duly taken care of, to promote good hygiene practices, including hand hygiene, as well as frequent cleaning of the facilities, in accordance with the rules and regulations. DGS guidelines.
  • The doors will remain open in order to avoid frequent touching of surfaces and to allow better air circulation within the spaces.
  • In the car parks, health and safety instructions are posted in clearly visible places and frequent disinfection of the equipment used, namely the terminals for payment of the service, will be guaranteed.
  • In carrying out congresses, meetings, conferences and events, the DGS rules and guidelines in force, as well as the current legislation, will be complied with.
  • With regard to suppliers, service providers and visitors, they must comply with all these rules, insofar as they are applicable to them, namely regarding the mandatory use of a mask, hand hygiene and physical distance.

Organization and arrangement of classrooms, amphitheaters and other areas where activities with students, teachers, researchers and collaborators take place:

  • The use of a mask is mandatory, and its use and / or appropriate reuse in sanitary and environmental terms is advisable.
  • In the rooms, distance measures should be maintained, and, whenever possible, the physical distance between people should be guaranteed, without compromising the normal functioning of teaching activities.
  • The tables are arranged, according to the guidelines of the DGS in force, and cannot be changed.
  • Frequent hygiene of shared materials is promoted and always before changing users.
  • Hand hygiene is ensured before entering each room and leaving.
  • The cleaning of furniture and equipment in common use in the classrooms before the beginning of each class is guaranteed, whenever possible.
  • In libraries, laboratories and similar facilities, the physical distance between people is maximized. Whenever this is not possible, or in situations where people are facing each other, protection barriers, such as acrylic dividers, must be installed.
  • In canteens and bars, respect for the rules of physical distance between all users and the mandatory use of masks (except during the meal period) is respected.

Organization and arrangement of common spaces

  • Common spaces of leisure namely fora have been resized in their maximum capacity and the furniture is often disinfected along with the DGS guidelines.

Cleaning of spaces

Recurrent cleaning of used spaces is also ensured, in compliance with the DGS Guideline 014/2020 of 21-03-2020 attached.
Inside the University there will be, in accessible places, dispensers of solutions alcohol-based antiseptics for hand disinfection.

Access to UPT facilities

Requirements to enter and remain in the UPT

  1. Not having a fever (body temperature should be between 34.7 ° and 38 °) or other symptoms (COVID-19);
  2. Have certified mask
  3. Respect the rules published by the DGS and the internal rules established by the UPT
  4. Maintain social distance.

Requirements for participation in face-to-face classes and examinations

  1. Both the teacher and the student must strictly adhere to the stipulated times for all school activities, in order to avoid gathering people in the corridors.
  2. Students must always have their identification card available.
  3. Circulation in UPT spaces must always be done in compliance with the routes established and indicated below.
  4. Respect the arrangement of furniture in all areas;
  5. Always circulate on the right, in order to guarantee the distance;
  6. The entrance of students into the classroom must be open and then the attendance check must be made by the respective teacher.

Classrooms routes

101 – 105Infante Hallway
Parking lot (2nd floor park (cafeteria))
Exit Infante Hallway
202 – 210Parking lot (2nd floor park (cafeteria))Stairs of the plumb line that has the three elevators
(Exit at Infante Hallway)
Parking lot (2nd floor park (cafeteria))
301 – 3124th floor Bernardino de Almeida4th floor entrance
Parking (2nd floor park (bar))
410 – 4174th floor Bernardino de Almeida4th floor entrance
Parking (2nd floor park (bar))
5th floor classrooms4th floor Bernardino de Almeida4th floor entrance
Parking (2nd floor park (bar))
S. Tomé
(Rooms 751-754)
S. Tomé StreetS. Tomé Street

Route to services (under the contingency plan)

Secretariat / treasury / social actionLargo Infante (near academic secretary)
Largo Infante (near academic secretary)
International OfficeLargo Infante (near academic secretary)
Largo Infante (near academic secretary)
Financial serviceLargo Infante (near academic secretary)
Largo Infante (near academic secretary)
Admission OfficeLargo Infante (near academic secretary)
Largo Infante (near academic secretary)
ReprographyLargo Infante (near academic secretary)
Largo Infante (near academic secretary)
LibraryLargo Infante (near academic secretary)
Largo Infante (near academic secretary)
HelpdeskOnline Service

Final Notes

  1. The length of stay of people in common closed spaces should respect social distance.
  2. Preferably use telephone or online services to get in touch either with other colleagues or with UPT services.

It will not be allowed

  1. Any type of meal outside the areas indicated for this purpose, namely: bar, self-service, forums and canteen;
  2. To use elevators for more than 50% of the allowed capacity.

This document does not exempt you from consulting the documents referenced in the annexes

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