Residents in Felgueiras and Lousada – New Notice

Considering the information received by the National Health Authority, regarding residents in the municipalities of Felgueiras and Lousada, it is not justified to keep the recommendation issued on 09/03/2020 by this University, and thus these residents are allowed to return to the normal activities of this Institution.
However, the presence of people with symptoms of respiratory infection is completely contraindicated, and they must follow the recommendations and make the contacts foreseen by the health authorities to screen for any situation related to COVID-19.
In addition, we inform you that, according to the national health authorities, there are no public health reasons, to date, that justify the suspension of UPT activities or the closure of the facilities, similar to what happens with most universities and other sectors of activity in Portugal.
UPT will remain attentive to the development of the situation and the guidance issued by the national health authorities and will take the measures deemed appropriate and necessary to protect its academic community.
 We remain available, through, to provide any clarification to our community.

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